Languages for Lawyers

Nos formations sont organisées en ligne, en individuel ou par petit groupe.
Nos formations sont organisées en ligne, en individuel ou par petit groupe.


Notre équipe

James Haillot-O’Connor

Franco-américain, James est enseignant en anglais juridique depuis 2015. Après avoir étudié à University College London, James a terminé son Master de Droit à Aix-en-Provence. Il a enseigné l’anglais dans de nombreux Cabinets anglo-saxons à Paris ainsi qu’à l’Université de Nanterre et Assas. Il a créé et enseigné la matière “Law in English”, à l’Institut Catholique de Lille.

En 2017, James enseigne l’Anglais Juridique aux cours préparatoires à l’examen du CRFPA pour la société Capavocat.

Il fonde Languages for Lawyers en Décembre 2017.

Nicole Fenwick

Nicole Fenwick is a freelance French to English translator and tutor. She holds an MA in Translation Studies and an LLB in English Law with French Law and Language.

She specialises in legal and business translation with a varied and notable client base including the UN, EU institutions and top law firms.

She is a British English native speaker with over four years of experience in professional translation and teaching, having previously worked in the legal profession for three years. Having studied and worked in both the English and French legal jurisdictions,

She is familiar with their similarities and disparities which helps her to offer effective legal English lessons where she can draw comparisons between the two, in order to enhance understanding. She is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

Eléonor Baker

Eléonore Baker is currently finishing her Double Masters Degree in French, Common law and American law, with a Business, Intellectual Property and Digital law specialisation at Paris Nanterre University. She is preparing her memoire on Privacy solutions in the context of Smart cities and will soon be a Paris Bar candidate.

As both a British and a French citizen, she is a native speaker of English and French.

Eléonore Baker was an Associate this year at ICT Legal Consulting, an international law firm specialised in Privacy, Data Protection and GDPR Compliance based in Italy, where she worked for 6 months.

Eléonore also has previous experience in legal and business translating as a former Member of CliMates, an environmental awareness association that she helped start from the time of the preparation for the COP21.

Danielle Bart


Danielle Bart is a US-trained attorney.  She received her degree from Harvard Law School, and is licensed to practice law in New York and Massachusetts. She worked for several years as a civil litigator at an AmLaw 50/Global 100 law firm in Boston and New York, representing domestic and multinational corporations, nonprofit organizations, and individuals.  Danielle has handled a wide range of matters including business contract disputes, securities litigation, arbitrations and government investigations, and now works in estate law.  She lives in Paris where she is pursuing an advanced legal degree at the University of Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne. 

In addition to her legal credentials, Danielle has been a teaching assistant in liberal arts and legal education settings, most recently at the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program.  She has taught executives and law students, as individuals, in small classes and large classes, across a variety of settings.